achieve the pinnacle of success

NB Recruit


The NB Group's trademark hand crafted identification to retention search and selection methodology. Built from the ground up over two decades

Speed & Quality

The right solution for you at pace. How? through the implementation of NB Recruit - our hand carved propriety recruitment to retention system.

Certainty of Outcome

How would it feel to have a signed offer letter from THAT mission critical senior tech specialist within 62 days?

Retention of a Trusted Team

NB Gold as Standard

Not only does NB Recruit ensure a timely solution, it also allows us to offer multiple industry beating performance and solution guarantees (NB Gold) that extend all the way to the first anniversary.

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NBR Dynamix


The ultimate video and recruitment process management system designed for the millennial workforce of the 2020's

NB Gold as Standard


End to end process and solution guarantees that ensure::

1. Speed of Process

2. Quality of Solution

3. Longevity (Retention)

Recruit remarkable

Technology PEOPLE

Career Protection

Where do you want to be in 3 years professionally? At TNBG we will only ever suggest an opportunity that aligns with your vision. In fact, NB Gold ensures that we guarantee it.

Career Growth

The TNBG Ascendor Program puts you in control of the direction and growth of your career - your way. We help you map out your definition of ideal then show you how to achieve it quickly