THE NBr dynamix


Your Personal Touch - Our Technology

  • Assess Team Dynamics & Cultural Alignment
  • Communicate Personally at a Time That Fits Your Diary
  • Convey Technical Understanding
  • Ask Detailed Questions
  • & Receive Answers
  • All Stored Securely Within Your Client Portal to Access When You Have Time

Have an in depth face to face conversation at times to suit everyone. Remove timezone barriers and cut through the red tape of space being available on everyone’s calendar. Just get out your phone and ask away – in person, personal and face to face – just not at the same time.

There is no doubt about it – Asynchronous Video is the new email revolution solution of 2020 and beyond.

Video is an integral part of successful recruitment in 2020, and it is here to stay. Sure, there are many video platforms on the market BUT none of which are tailored specifically to the requirements of your project or to the requirements of your career.

What’s the big deal about video?

It goes a long way to help answering ‘is this the type of person I want to work with?’. Or as we like to say ‘Is this a remarkable person /company?’ Video allows you to convey enthusiasm, gravitas & technical competence. It allows the real person to appear right before your eyes – literally!

At NewtonBates we are big believers in the use of video, even before Covid 19, but now even more so. It massively cuts the timescale of a recruitment process without compromising process integrity, whilst at the same time upping the certainty of outcome. That’s not to say Video is a silver bullet you must have a solid and reproducible systems based recruitment process first and foremost. But when you have that and then implement video on the top, in the right way – not just because it is there – you move the certainty needle AND the speed needle substantially.

That’s Guaranteed.

Talk Face to Face - Asynchronously

Have a true conversation with your prospective new career partner. But do it asynchronously. All conveyed seamlessly within the portal to hiring managers, candidates and talent acquisition pros.

For Example – Ask a couple of questions by video at 3pm on Tuesday, perhaps include a document too. We securely process the video, deliver it to the recipients portal secure space & send an email notification of the video. Then at 8 pm they record their reply and the whole process happens in reverse.

Why’s it called ‘NBR-Dynamix’?

NBR? Simple! NewtonBates Video Recruit.

Dynamix? That comes down to ‘fit’ or ‘Team DNA’ , as in how well the prospective employee will gel/fit with current team members, team leaders and management. But ‘fit’ & ‘DNA’ are such over used ill defined generic terms. So, when we talk about Dynamix we are referring to the personality traits, business values, personal values & career vision. The Dynamic mix of hard & soft skills that already exist within your company and how well they align with the interviewee’s skill mix. It’s all about answering this question:

‘Are they a remarkable person? / Are they a remarkable company?’

Video in and of itself does not answer this question – we use concrete, definable assessments such as standardized scoring and sandbox & helicopter interviews to do that. However, video allows a much more rapid, streamlined and personal touch.

Better Communication

Convey technical understanding. Ask detailed technical questions about the candidates background or about the technology the company are using. Get a much better understanding of their capabilities. Begin answering the important questions such as are we aligned technically? Do we have similar technical and business values?

Increase the depth of communication – allow future peers to discuss technical and company life issues informally. This can be vital to ensure a smooth onboarding for retention process.

Total Assessment

You have an entire portal with all documents and communications to hand. Accessible by the hiring team. No more hunting for documents and forwarding emails. Everything is there all in one place.

See who we are talking to and receive realtime feedback on how the candidate marketplace views your company and opportunity. Submit questions to our team about particular candidates or parts of the process.

Know the EXACT status of your recruitment project at all times – you can log in at 8 pm on a Sunday (we’re not saying you should mind) and review exactly, specifically and precisely the overall status of your project – who has been spoken to & who we are progressing to the next step.

In a Nutshell

A streamlined recruitment system in five processes. That uses video, where appropriate, to answer the number one question quickly:

‘Is there a good chance this could work for me’

No more chasing the project or wondering what is happening. No more wondering if you will ever see or here from that candidate who will help you move your project to the next level.

Know where you stand. No more waiting and wondering about the level of interest a hiring manger has in your skill set, vision and ambition.

Get on with your day job and we will create the future you asked for

– Guaranteed

At The NewtonBates Group we have developed a bespoke, fully GDPR compliant video system that allows for real two way communication throughout the recruitment process. It is not a platform. No one has to work with a predetermined workflow. We work together to put together a video implementation that works best for your particular situation.

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